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be. a. fighter.


orion starchild, firestarter, like my status, collective, astrology, michael graye
orion starchild, firestarter, like my status, collective, astrology, michael graye


I've been walking between the lines

head in my hands

feet are going nowhere tonight

Guess I'll hit that party line

Where the password is seditious

Let's make it divine the right of the dance

the ever sacred pill that we bite

and sacrifice our fear tonight

That enemy's delicious

Going higher than the clouds

I am never coming down to Earth

Only VIP allowed where nobody really knows

their worth


I got the world at my finger tips

Ain't nobody gonna own me

Ain't nobody gonna hold me down

And you will never stop me

We worship them well

The lies that we tell

Hiding in a prison of glass

Always something new to sell

This is our religion

Let's make it divine and dance in our cell

And paint a brand new face on the mask

Baby, this is Freedom.


You are not your money. You are not your pride.

You are not your money. You are not your crimes

You are not your money. You are not your mind.

You are not your money. You are not your lies.

Don't you know who you a really are, my child?

E L E M E N T : F I R E

r u l I n g  p l a n e t : M A R S

r u l I n g  h o u s e : F I R S T

m o d e : C A R D I N A L

a r i E S

I WROTE "rich and famous"...

...to address wealth inequality and the rise of fame mongering/narcissism around the world...


The division of wealth has been a consistent talking point of the past several (and thousand, truly) years, both politically, and socially, as we evolve into this new millennium as humans, flying through the stars; cosmic miracles obsessed with what we do or do not have.


Isn't money just energy? 


To be rich, or not to be, that is the question.

And what about fame? With the rise of social media, so too has emerged a shocking amount of people desperately seeking approval. 


So I wonder where the fight has gone? The fight to become something more, to truly strive for conquering the impossible. Why settle for anything less? Every breath we take is a gift, and yet we are more concerned with how rich or famous we are, and not so concerned with the impact we have on others. One man's fortune is another man's folly.

Not to say that fortune and fame aren't alluring, truly in this era of wealth inequality, it would be better to be better off than to be struggling incessantly, plagued by the worry that maybe this month, you won't be able to make ends meet.


So the system is rigged.

So the cards are stacked against you.

So you aren't rich, and you aren't famous.


So you're alive. That counts for something, doesn't it?

And wouldn't that life, and the world for that matter, be oh so much more enriched with a refocusing on that?

Aries are natural born fighters and pioneers. Relentless to the core, these fiery people are all about breaking barriers and climbing as high as possible on the ladder of impossible odds. We can all learn something from them. 

They declare their truth with a bold ferocity that is at times intimidating, and always inspiring. And why shouldn't they? 

"Rich and Famous" at times takes the perspective of a fighter, mocking the wealthy with indifference, and at others takes the perspective of us all, wishing we had it just a bit better, unsure of the path we are walking on: no hope, no direction.


The final perspective is that of the Star Child, the individual whom has transcended both and instead realizes that we are so much more than what we have: we are children of the stars, incredibly miraculous beings that are here to experience physical form and light an incredible fire of understanding, compassion, and yes, ambition in ourselves and in others.


Nearly every one of the songs on my first album, Firestarter share this theme. 3 perspectives: the child that is alone and hurting in the dark, the child thriving unadulterated in the light, and the Star Child; the child formed of light and sound, harnessing a transcendent and balanced conscience.

The only question is, which one are you?