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orion starchild, firestarter, like my status, collective, astrology, michael graye
orion starchild, firestarter, like my status, collective, astrology, michael graye


It's 3am

and my eyes are wide open

cuz I'm scared to sleep.

Maybe I'm just terrified

cuz I would rather live in my dreams

I'm so tired of this world

Feeling like I can't change a thing

So I wish upon a star that

In the morning I will like what I see

and I close my eyes

I wanna go far, I wanna go far far far away from here


and one more night, to find my way back to being alright

I just need a little more time before I can face the morning light

I've been holding my heart in my hands

waiting for the fire of love to burn me up


I've been hearing lately that

the world is going crazy and I agree

oh yeah

We've been running round in circles screaming

"What the hell is wrong with me?"

I wonder why



I hold you close to me now

Never gonna ever gonna let you go again...


E L E M E N T : W A T E R

r u l I n g  p l a n e t : j u p i t e r  /  n e p t u n e

r u l I n g  h o u s e : t w e l f t h

m o d e : m u t a b l e


...after a shockingly beautiful, mesmerizing dream.


I was interstellar traveling through a distant galaxy, flying past stars and planets alike, whipping past each solar system going faster than light speed.


And then I woke up. 


I was suddenly heartbroken.

Not that I wasn't happy to be back on Earth, though I certainly wasn't thrilled, but rather because I felt...home, for the first time in a long time, and knew immediately that there was nothing I could do to regain that feeling. 


I looked at my clock, and it was 3am, and then, I remembered I was listening to a song in the dream...the melody came back to me almost instantaneously and, as I have many times in the past, I scrambled for my phone on my nightstand and quickly turned on my Voice Memo audio recording app and sang the melody (as well as my suddenly human mind could remember - I believe I was a completely different species in my dream) into the phone. I didn't have words yet, I couldn't recollect if there were any; but I had melody.


How often do we wish we could either return to, or conjure up, our dreams?

How often do we put things off, make up excuses as to why we can't do something or commit to someone, so that we can dream of something different; not necessarily better, but different. Perhaps it's normal to do so. Perhaps you're so ecstatically happy with your life, you never do. Perhaps you've been stuck as long as you can remember, and always have. 

I wrote "Fire of Love" not long after I had the dream. I was working on a completely different song for "Pisces," and "Fire" practically begged for me to work on her instead. Even though Pisces is technically a water sign, there is indeed a fire behind the eclecticism that drives this wonderfully individualistic and charming sign. Pisces are easy to fall in love with, their passion lies in their dreams and their zest for creativity. They are perhaps one of the more heart-centered sign, and for that they suffer, though they wear their hurt as a badge of honor on the quilt of their wonderfully unique tapestry.

For me, it was easy to become intoxicated with returning to that far away galaxy...and to ask for just a little more time to find my way back...to be burned up once more by the fire there, so alive inside a dream...

Isn't that what we're all looking for? A soul mate, a reason, a purpose to drive us? And when we have that, to be made immortal. Dream-Weavers extraordinaire.

I can see it in your eyes, Star Child.

orion starchild, firestarter, like my status, astrology, fire of love, rock music, rare candy