orion starchild, firestarter, like my status, astrology, fire of love, rock music, rare candy

<   T   A   U   R   U   S   >

be. a. lover.

played by: maxim orlov

orion starchild, firestarter, like my status, collective, astrology, michael graye
orion starchild, firestarter, like my status, collective, astrology, michael graye

E L E M E N T : E A R T H

r u l I n g  p l a n e t : V E N U S

r u l I n g  h o u s e : S E C O N D

m o d e : F I X E D



I took a ride across a sea of stars

and crash landed in your arms

I wanna take you to the places I've been

I wanna show you all the things that I've seen

We can't seem to remember

the way back home

I hope we try to surrender

to the open road


surfing on the vibe, so high together

on a ride together

going Interstellar,

Baby you and I will be alive forever

I've heard that even walls have eyes

watching everything we do

I know to them I am a dangerous creature

They know I've nothing to lose.


We're going interstellar baby,

I wanna ride all through the night with you baby.


...after an intense & unforgettable night out in New York City.


You know the type: those rare nights when everything becomes a blur and you can't really remember much the next day?

At one point in my life, I'd developed a fondness for nights like this, being so uninhibited; free to explore my wildest urges, to really find myself. 


So who am I now? 


Well, I continue to change, as do we all, and part of me has left those days behind.

"Interstellar" is a celebration of those moments.


When you are so full of life that you can't possibly imagine another time or moment greater than the one you're in. When it feels like the universe itself has conspired to give you something truly amazing to remember. 

And yes, all the better when you have someone else to share those moments with. A fiery, passionate lover, perhaps?


But what happens when the moment passes, and you can't remember it as well as you would've hoped?

Maybe it was alcohol, or marijuana, or another substance that elevated you to such heights. Maybe it was the intoxication of your partner. How long can you fly before gravity forces you to come back down to Earth.

The only thing you remember is how you felt, and you'd do anything to reclaim that feeling. 

This song is about embracing these moments, living life at the speed of life, remembering that we are ALL interstellar travelers, flying through the stars on a tiny rock at the outer reaches of an unfathomably large galaxy...swirling around the edges of the unkown.

Nothing is promised to us, and every minute is a miracle.


Ruled by Venus, with the reputation of being perhaps the greatest lover of the Zodiac; Taurus is normally quite focused, reliable, and, being an Earth sign, grounded. "Interstellar" comes from the point of view of a Taurean whom is exploring the alternate aspect of his normally grounded self - and finding a sense of peace and balance by doing so. 

It is strangely comforting to hold the perspective that, because we are constantly flying through the galaxy, at a speed that we cannot possibly perceive, amassing a distance that we cannot possibly comprehend; that we are already going Interstellar, is perhaps one of the only reliable aspects of our existence.

We can all learn something from each other. When we try new things, and explore aspects of ourselves that would otherwise go unacknowledged, we expand our consciousness and appreciation of others.  

Taurus was the ideal sign to carry this ideal - that in remembering our place in the universe, and allowing that information to free our minds and explore ourselves, we can achieve balance in our lives in ways we'd never imagined. 

I am not condoning irrational or irresponsible behaviors. Impulsive, erratic choices always have consequences.

So be the bull - explore the stars, and yourself, with patience and gratitude, and smile.